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HLST - High Level Support Team


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The High Level Support Team (HLST) provides support to scientists from all EFDA (European Fusion Development Agreement) Associates for the development and optimization of codes to be used on the dedicated IFERC-CSC supercomputer located in Rokkasho, Japan. The supercomputer delivers computing power of about 1.52 petaflop/s and is optimally suited for the fusion scientists' simulation programs. The HLST consists of a core team based at the IPP Garching (Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik) and of other high level support staff provided by the Associates. The HLST members are all HPC experts with a background in developing large scientific applications and particular expertise in numerical algorithms and in graphical support and visualization.

The HLST provides support for the following tasks:

  • Single processor performance optimization
  • Parallelization and optimization of codes for massively parallel computers
  • Improvement of the parallel scalability of existing codes already ported to parallel platforms
  • Implementation of  algorithms and mathematical library routines respectively to improve the efficiency of codes
  • Visualization of large data sets
  • Provision of consultancy to appointed HPC specialists from the Associates
  • Training for young scientists in the use of HPC systems and towards upcoming new computer architectures