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HPC-FF Projects

Once a year a call is launched to invite scientist from the EFDA Associates to propose projects to be run on the HPC-FF supercomputer. Applications that are particularly suited for use on HPC-FF are large, highly scalable parallel applications requiring exceptional computational resources. These codes shall concern fusion R&D, and primarily deal with numerical simulations in the following areas:

  • Plasma Turbulence
  • Fast Particle Physics
  • Nonlinear and/or Extended MHD
  • Edge Physics
  • Radio-Frequency Heating and Current Drive
  • Physical Modelling of Material


Approved HPC-FF Projects 2009-2010 

Approved HPC-FF Projects 2010-2011

Approved HPC-FF Projects 2011-2012

Approved HPC-FF Projects 2012-2013


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