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GOTiT e-seminar with HLST contribution on 2011-02-22

The title of the talk will be "Performance Tuning Using Vectorization" given by Nicolay J. Hammer.

The talk will provide practical guidelines for software developers on the HPC-FF computer at JSC which are tackling the single processor performance of their code using vectorization. It is a compendium of a study about the performance improvement potentials due to the vectorization of specific intrinsic functions on Intel's Nehalem architecture. A comparison with the vectorization capabilities of IBM's POWER6 architecture will be presented.

In this study we focus on Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) architectures, where one single instruction is executed on a multiple set of data in parallel. The double precision (64 bit) test cases under consideration are guided by the conditions in realistic numerical simulation codes.

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