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Call for expression of interest for Intel MIC users at IFERC-CSC

As announced in the CSC Newsletter of December 2013, the Intel Xeon Phi (MIC) extension to Helios is expected to be available to users by the middle of February 2014. The total amount of new nodes is 180, each with 48 GB of memory, 2 Intel Xeon Phi processors and 2 Intel Sandy Bridge processors acting as support processors for the Xeon phi processors.

During an early operation phase, expected to take place from mid-February 2014 to mid-July 2014, interested users are encouraged to get access and to run tests on the MIC processors in order to get better understanding of this new architecture and to provide feedback to the CSC on the experience they will gain from this work.

Call for Expression of Interest

In order to organize the operation of Helios and the support to users during the early operation period, access to the extension to Helios will be provided based on "Expression of Interest" to be sent by interested users to the European Implementing Agency. Expressions of interest, including a short description of the planned experiments and the amount of compute resources needed, should be sent to Jacques David and Nuria Decker Please note that, like on the normal compute nodes of Helios, the unit of allocation for the extension is the node. The unit of resources for the extension is the node-hour.

Practical information on access to the extension will be provided to users having sent an "Expression of Interest".