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Abstract of GYNVIZ Project

The present project emanates from the graphical support request of several European gyrokinetic turbulence simulation groups in the last HLST call. Instead of targeting on individual solutions, this proposal offers a general solution by involving the principal investigators of the major European gyrokinetic simulation codes. It addresses the general issue of data post-processing and visualization for the gyrokinetic codes' outputs. It is structured in three main parts. First, it aims at merging and extending the two initiatives of ITM and ITER dedicated to the design and the implementation of a unified format for gyrokinetic codes' outputs. Based on this format, the second part consists of providing a consistent and unified set of visualization tools to answer the needs of the involved code developers. Finally, we propose to settle on a remote visualization framework to provide centrally managed and high-end visualization resources for these new tools without additional hardware costs for the different simulation groups.