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Abstract of EMPHORB Project

We propose to implement the so-called phase factor transformation in the NEMORB code. NEMORB is a global nonlinear gyrokinetic code of the type particle-in-cell aimed at simulating turbulence in a global tokamak geometry. This code is under development at the CRPP Lausanne and at the Max Planck-IPP but it is also used at other laboratories (for example at CCFE). Implementation of the phase factor will improve the NEMORB performance in the linear regime. Particular applications for the improved code will be the Alfvén Eigenmodes and the ballooning modes in tokamak geometry. These modes have already been studied using the GYGLES code (supported by HLST and the HPCFF projects). NEMORB will allow further extended studies of these modes in experimentally-relevant geometries, at finite collisionality and at the transition to the nonlinear regime.