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Abstract of PARFS Project

The Frascati theory and modelling group has developed, in the past years, PIC codes (HMGC, HYMAGYC) to study linear and nonlinear dynamics of Alfénic type modes in Tokamaks, in the presence of energetic particle populations. While a large effort has been devoted to the parallelization of the kinetic modules, the parallelization of the field solver of each code is still in its "infancy" stage. Aim of the proposal to get a distributed version of the field solver (MARST) of the HYMAGYC code (a project developed within the EFDA-ITM task force). The actual version of MARST evolves in time, in general curvilinear coordinates, the MHD fields, solving the resistive MHD equations, which include pressure tensor terms yielded by the kinetic module. HYMAGYC retains fully particle nonlinearities while neglecting different toroidal node number coupling. As a consequence, field solving reduces to the solution of a linear system of equations. It can be shown that the system size can scale up to n3, with n being the toroidal mode number considered. The distribution on memory and computational loads among different nodes is crucial to face the investigation of relevant mode numbers (n ≈ 40) for this class of modes in ITER like configurations.