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Abstract of SOLVER++ Project

Several large numerical codes, in particular gyrokinetic global codes, have been developing, and are developing, advanced capabilities in terms of their physics range of validity. This includes for example finite Larmor radius effects at all orders and 3D magnetic configurations (EUTERPE code). With these, the memory footprint of the field solver will become prohibitive with present implementations. At the same time, performance on massively parallel platforms has to remain scalable. This motivates the development of extensions of field solver capabilities. The appropriate way to approach the problem is to employ easy to use modules and available open source as well as commercial software. Indeed, the BSPLINES module was constructed in such a way as to support the user and code developer. It is therefore the main goal of this proposal to investigate enhanced solver capabilities and their implementation into the BSPLINES module, so that these can easily become accessible to gyrokinetic codes like EUTERPE, but potentially to any other code as well. Direct or iterative solver options, including multigrid solvers and multigrid preconditioners, will be assessed.